This homage to the French New Wave is all the more touching that none of the members of the Stéphane Kerecki Trio were born when directors François Truffaut, Jacques Rivette and Claude Chabrol invented a new language for the big screen.

Pierre de Trégomain is a new generation French jazz singer. His inspirations are wide - from Al Jarreau to Klaus Nomi, from scat to contratenor. Our festival presents every year the most up-to-date French jazz act.

Laura Perrudin's career has been both unusual and eclectic. Brought up on a diet of jazz from childhood, her classical music studies led on to both electronic and traditional music, via soul and hip-hop, through her encounters with innumerable musicians, in her native Brittany, but also in Paris and New York.

Paul Jarret is a young french guitarist and composer playing mostly jazz and improvised music. Playing the jazz standards as well as radical free improvisation, he is involved in many projects as a leader, a co-leader or a sideman. Jim Black is at the forefront of a new generation of musicians bringing jazz into the 21st century.

Anomalie is the live electronic project of Nicolas Dupuis, a classically trained keyboardist and producer based in Montreal.