The singer Lucia Lužinská and guitar player Boris Čellár are well known in Slovakia for their unique and smooth jazz style. They released three studio albums, the repertoire is mixed from own compositions and classics. 

The first night of our festival is a great opportunity to discover almost all the top jazz players and bands of Slovakia. The two hours long showcase comes without changeovers between the acts - there would be two stages on the podium.

Winners of the 2022 SPP Foundation Young Talent Stage open the Bratislava Jazz Days Slovenská sporiteľňa. Hip-zz is the project of the young Slovak musician Ernest Vizváry. In 2018, the group won the New Faces of Slovak Jazz Award for a convincing instrumental performance at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz competition, and two of its members won the SOZA Award. The musical output of this group is an eclectic mix of genres such as jazz, hip hop, R'N'B and neo-soul.

Artists TBA. The competition is still runnig, we add the talents two weeks before the festival.

The Slovak band FAT breakFAST was the winner of the last year's B-stage Talent competition of our festival. The band is inspired by the contemporary New York jazz scene and the Waking Vision Trio. They mixing jazz, fusion and alternatove rock.

The legendary Slovak bass player Juraja Griglák released a new album “Time to Fly” with well known american musicians Poogie Bell , Chris Hemingway a Bobby Sparks. On the tour Sparks is substituted by virtuoso Slovak piano player Eugen Vizvary.

Košický bubeník a skladateľ po rokoch účinkovania s množstvom slovenským interpretov založil vlastný projekt. Debutový album „...and the rest of the world“ z roku 2018 bol v ankete Esprit nominovaný na najlepší jazzový album. Tento rok prichádza s druhým albumom „Light Outside“, vydaným na značke Hevhetia.

The Quartet is a bunch of very young and very talented Slovak jazz players, winners of the competitions "New Faces of Slovak Jazz". The repertoire is mainly based of composition of Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie.

Slovakian Gypsy Jazz. The band Maringotka won the young talent competition at our festival last year. It means for them main stage this year. 

After last year's hugely successful two-month Triple Jump tour, the multi-genre trio is coming to the stage of Bratislava Jazz Days Slovenská sporiteľňa. They will add brand new compositions to their already known repertoire.