Barbora Botošová and Friends


violin - Barbora Botošová
second violin - Marek Konček
cymbalos - Vladimír Homola
bass, double bass - Michal Šelep
drums - Juraj David Raši
piano - Emanuel Görči
guitar- Marko Marušić

accordion - Marko Kukobat
kaval - Zhivko Vasilev
vocals - Agata Siemaszko , Peter Adamov , Michaela Kaločai

Barbora Botošová is the granddaughter of the legendary violin player Ján Berky Mrenice. One of the few Slovak leading violin player women recently released her debut album "Colors of My Soul" featuring jazz, world music, and ethno.

Diversity, emotions and feelings, musical fusions, fantasies, combining different national and folk elements, rhythms and colors - all this and much more makes her music extraordinary. Barbora will present at our festival all the colors of her soul, together with her crowded band and special guests, renowned world music artists, such as Agata Siemaszko from Poland, Zhhivko Vasilev from Bulgaria, Marko Kubat from Serbia, and Peter Adamov and Michaela Kaločai Bobek from Slovakia.

Natural temperament, identity captured in the sincerity of interpretation, unbridled energy and deep emotion connected with jazz, flamenco, salsa, Balkans, lyricism - all this and much more will be revealed by the music itself, which describes Barbara's colors of the soul.