The slovakian trombonist Michal Motýľ is not only an internatially well known, technically perfect bass trombone player, but also a talented composer and arranger.

Andreas Varady is the gipsy guitar player wunderkind. At the age of fourteen he was contracted by Quincy Jones to his management company, and later supported his hero George Benson in Europe and America. His family trio would be supported by legendary Slovak sax player Radovan Tariška.

Barbora Botošová is the granddaughter of the legendary violin player Ján Berky Mrenice. One of the few Slovak leading violin player women recently released her debut album "Colors of My Soul" featuring jazz, world music, and ethno.

La3no Cubano is a Slovakian latin-fusion band, playing an energic amalgamation of african, arabian, balkan, gipsy, latin and funk music.

The Gajlík-Hodek-Oravec-Ragan Group is a modernist jazz quartet, founded by the four most talented young Slovak players. 

Artists TBA. The competition is still runnig, we add the talents two weeks before the festival.

Bloom is the band of singer Barbora Drahovská and guitar player Lukáš Kyška, formed after the split of the rock band Soundrise. Bloom has a clean and beautiful acoustic sound, with own repertoire under the flag of modern songwriting.

On the festival the duo would be spiced up with bass and drum player, promoting their new sound.

GrooveHub is a young Slovak trio, winner of last years Stage of young talents at our festival. They mix jazz, funk and latino with a drive of a rock band. They are inspired by Hiromi, Mezzoforte and Marcus Miller.

The singer Lucia Lužinská and guitar player Boris Čellár are well known in Slovakia for their unique and smooth jazz style. They released three studio albums, the repertoire is mixed from own compositions and classics. 

The first night of our festival is a great opportunity to discover almost all the top jazz players and bands of Slovakia. The two hours long showcase comes without changeovers between the acts - there would be two stages on the podium.