Gajlík-Hodek-Oravec-Ragan Group


Tomáš Gajlík - piano
Dávid Hodek - drums
Lukáš Oravec - trumpet
Róbert Ragan Jr. - double bass

The Gajlík-Hodek-Oravec-Ragan Group is a modernist jazz quartet, founded by the four most talented young Slovak players. 

Dávid Hodek started to play drums in a blues band at the age of 4. He comes from a musician family. His’s reputation grew and today he is sought after by some of Central Europe’s finest musicians. David is now 17, but he already collaborated with names like Ron Affif, Harry Sokal, Benito Gonzalez, Casey Benjamin and Jean Toussaint. Dávid plays jazz, hip-hop, R&B and funk. 

The pianist Tomáš Gajlík has played with Red Holloway, Harry Sokal, Soweto Kinch, Matthew Mitchell, Jure Pukl, Jozef Dodo Šošoka, and Michal Bugala. His 2009 debut "More Than One Way" showed his love for jazz, hip-hopu, R&B and electronic music. 

Lukáš Oravec is a many times awarded trumpet player. He shared the stage with artists like Rick Margitz, Andy Schofield, Pete Turner, and Jamil Sheriff. His debut "Introducing Lukáš Oravec Quartet" was awarded by Esprit 2013 as the jazz album of the year.

Róbert Ragan junior, son of respected double bass player Róbert Ragana established his first band Hi Fly Trio after years being a sideman in may slovakian jazz projects. He is a protagonist of an R&B and jazz crossover style.