Bellita y Jazztumbatá

Bellita - lead vocals, piano & percussion 
El Pulpo - bass & percussion
Juan Larrinaga - sax, clarinet and flute
Eduardo Hernandez - drums
Glenda - vocals, flute

Led by Bellita Exposito, vocalist, pianist and percussionist extraordinaire, Jazztumbatá is a hard-hitting Afro—Cuban-Fusion quartet from Havana, Cuba. In Bratislava with a special guest, flute player and singer Glenda.

Bellita is joined by master bassist and percussionist, Miguel Miranda, woodwind player (sax, clarinet and flute) Juan Larrinaga and drummer Eduardo Hernandez.

Veterans of jazz festivals around the world, including Martinique, Tobago, Stuttgart, Louisiana and others, this ensemble presents a high energy, virtuosic and exceptionally creative Afro-Cuban Jazz Fusion that celebrates the heritage of Afro-Cuban music while integrating jazz influences that swing hard.