Robert Summerfield - vocals

Ross Stanciu - bass / synth

Felix Reischl - guitar

Dominik Beyer - keys / synth

Michael Schatzmann - drums

Singer Robert Summerfield’s American background, with roots in Chicago and Michigan, is blended with a tangibly European style. As a consequence, ROBB’s music is permeated by smooth, soulful vocals, acting in contrast to beat-heavy, playful, instrumentals.

Musical connoisseurs will recognize sophisticated vintage synths and jazzy sound structures, while enjoying songs that remain within the immanent cloak of danceable pop music. That the five musicians, who became acquainted in their adopted
home of Vienna, are able to perform in varying directions, is evidenced by last year’s tour with UK Soul-Act Kwabs and Electronic Soul-Duo Honne, Nova Jazz Appearance before Chic featuring Nile Rodgers, as well as other shows like the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.