Lia Pale


Lia Pale - voice, flute, piano

mathias rüegg - piano

Fabian Rucker - reeds

Ingrid Oberkanins- percussions

Hannes Strasser - Bass

The album “Gone Too Far“ is a brilliant jazz adaptation of Schubert’s ”Winterreise“ with English texts, tailor-made by no less than mathias rüegg for the charming Lia Pale.

"Quite clearly: intelligent and conscientious work here and Franz Schubert sounds as if he had written jazz standards." (Der Standard)

"Minimalism, jazz, classic, pop: the young singer/flutist/pianist/percussionist sees nothing as unusual.  Her CD-debut  “Gone too far,” overwhelming." (Kurier)

"Lia Pale is on her way to conquering the world of jazz – with a fascinating album and a prominent accompanist, who falls into rapture because of her voice: she electrifies me.” (Wiener)

"The Pasticcio prize for the month of March goes to an album that is more than unusual.  The unmistakable voice of Lia Pale imprints itself in your ears the first time you hear it as if it were always there." (ORF)

"With “Gone too far,” Lia Pale devotes herself to the genius of song, Franz Schubert. Lia Pale’s album “Gone too far” deals with a delicate song-cycle using jazzy means.  

Thanks to mathias rüegg’s arrangements, large sections of Franz Schubert’s “Winterreise” are never felt as being insignificant.  

Although always amenable, the songs infatuate you with their lightness and appear quite smart transferred into a jazzy ambience.  In addition: Pale’s voice conveys the melodies unpretentiously yet in a tonally striking manner." (Der Standard)