Ernest Vizváry - keys
Mário Belák - sax
Dávid Olan - bass
Marcel Kóňa - drums
DJ Numa Be - turntables

Winners of the 2022 SPP Foundation Young Talent Stage open the Bratislava Jazz Days Slovenská sporiteľňa. Hip-zz is the project of the young Slovak musician Ernest Vizváry. In 2018, the group won the New Faces of Slovak Jazz Award for a convincing instrumental performance at the New Faces of Slovak Jazz competition, and two of its members won the SOZA Award. The musical output of this group is an eclectic mix of genres such as jazz, hip hop, R'N'B and neo-soul.

The young musicians study at prestigious schools such as Kunst-Universität Graz, JAMU in Brno, and Berklee College of Music in Boston, and have had experiences and collaborations with personalities such as Peter Lipa, Ondrej Krajňák, Alexey Podymkin, Radovan Tariška, Monika Bagárová, Róbert Opatovský, Igor Kmet'o, Juraj Griglák, Anita Soul, Francisco Mela, and Big Sono (USA).